I don’t know if you recall but when I came and did a workshop with you in Kensington about 18 months ago it was my first ever shoot really, other than a couple of point and shoot studio days.

You had asked me beforehand about who I liked photography wise and I said that the only guy I really liked was the Portuguese photographer Andre Brito. Anyway, you helped me to shoot Zara in a sort of Britto style and both of your’s tuition and advice has stuck with me all this time.

I’ll get to the point! I posted an image on the Internet a few weeks ago test I had taken in an old abandoned mill. This one


And the full circle bit is that Andre Brito loved the image……I know it isnt much in the great scheme of things but it felt really good and made me think about how I started and your part in that. I just wanted to thank you again.

Regards Michael Nutt

Mark Rowe Photography said…

I had a fantastic day with Stephen Perry & Zara Watson on a 1-2-1 workshop for Fashion Photography. The space in Kensington was great – different coloured rooms to shoot in, backdrops etc – Stephen helped immensely with the lighting setups and we were able to compare the effects different lighting had on the shots. We covered everything from single light to High Speed Sync and Gels.

Zara is an outstanding model, great fun very patient (even with my “lens cap on moment!”) and willing to work hard to achieve the shot. She is also so enthusiastic and was genuinely interested in the whole process. She had a myriad of clothes to choose from which is great for getting different looks.

Stephen also went through some workflow and techniques in Photoshop after the shoot, which I will put to good use on the fabulous images we shot today. They also kept me fed, watered and cool on such a hot day!

Highly recommended, can’t wait to visit there again!

Hallamcam said…

I had a great day! Big smile

Attended one of Stephen’s Fashion nude workshops today.

Stephen is a very knowledgeable, relaxed guy, with a good sense of humour. He carefully explained the various setups being used, the equipment and its purpose, detailing expected results and camera settings.He made sure no one was left out, everyone getting equal shoot time. Stephen reviewed shots and gave suggestions and ideas throughout. I feel I’ve really benefited from this workshop so I can only give Stephen and the workshop a huge recommendation. Thumbs down!

Thanks Stephen!

(Not forgetting the lovely Zara.). Wink


Shile Road Photography said…

Just spent the day with Stephen in a fashion nude workshop and to say that it was great would be the understatement of the century. It’s just fantastic watching him work his magic, I learnt as much from watching him work as I did from what he said and then to couple that with working with Zara as well who knows so much herself it was a triple wammie. There’s not many people who wouldn’t gain a hell of a lot of information from one of his workshops and they’re such good value too.


IanHpictures said…

I had the pleasure of attending the Film Noir workshop run by Stephen and what a great day it was! Stephen is a great character in himself but to have the wonderful Zara Watson as our model and a great group of photographers to shoot alongside as well as shooting in a stunning building just made it the perfect way to spend a day! Hope to learn more from Stephen in the not too distant future.

Maxy said…

I spent an awesome afternoon with Stephen and Zara on a one2one workshop at his place in Kensington yesterday.

Had the most inspiring and inventive experience, which has re-awakened my interest in studio creativity. I daily shoot studio portraits and babies for a living, so usually look for location stuff when shooting for ‘me’. So to have so much fun with flash again was so uplifting – and with Stephen to coach, and Zara in the frame – amazing!

Stephen is a teacher that you will learn from no matter what experience you have. He has given me a new confidence and desire to create the images I’m seeking to make.

Highly recommend Mr Perry – what a cool guy!


Kerr said…

I was at one of Stephen’s Film Noire tutorial shoots yesterday with the adorable Zara Watson. It was extremely interesting learning so much about lighting techniques, working around problems, and seeing how little tweaks here and there affect the overall shot. His relaxed and hands on approach was a great confidence builder, and he is fun to work with. Zara is an incredibly helpful model, always happy to volunteer valuable tips throughout the day, which was invaluable. I picked up so much and have some great shots. I’ll definitely look to work with them both again very soon. Thanks guys !


Jose Silva Photography said…

I have booked a 2 hour session with the amazing Zara Watson and Stephen was present at this shoot.

I couldn’t have been more lucky, in this 2 hour session, I have learned so much and Stephen is an amazing tutor. He explained and teached me how to work with lights and the best setup to obtain the image we all want to capture.

Can’t thank Stephen enough for all the coaching and above all, a true Gent.

Guys, do take one of his workshops, you can thank me after.

Thank you Stephen for all the help



Francisco Scaramanga said…

I attended one of Stephens workshops and I am very glad I did. Stephen is very passionate about his photography and how he conveys that to others. He speaks confidently to groups and explains things at a level that everyone can understand making sure that translates into excellent images.

I would have no hesitation in recommending one of his workshops to anyone wishing to produce images that speak to you and come alive. I am very much looking forward to working with him again soon.


Dingo Dave said…

I have been looking forward to meeting Stephen for sometime as I have admired his work with Zara Watson recently and his back catalogue of images.

So at last I met Stephen at a seminar on Sunday 17th Jan. He was how I imagined, down to earth, easy to get along with and a wonderful sense of humor.

The day was very relaxed and informal but very interesting and informative. What he does appears simple but you can see how he uses his experience to build an image, looking at details, framing, lighting mood and giving the subject a purpose, not just things added to fill a space.

As a double act Stephen and Zara both put you at ease making the process much more fun.

However inadequate my recommendation feels it is offered with genuine appreciation for the time given passing on his experience and especially the 1-2-1 session afterwards with him and Zara, it was a good laugh.

Thank you Stephen and Zara, I had a blast and can’t wait for another game of golf. Wink


Rayner Photography said…

I was lucky enough to spend 4 hours shooting with Stephen and model Zara Watson on of his 1:1 workshops which I really enjoyed!! Stephen is a really genuine guy who is keen to pass on his knowledge!! He has a great way of explaining things and he really taught me some very valuable things which has changed the way I shoot (for the better). He and Zara work so well together, and they make you feel very comfortable. Stephen was eager for me to decide the sets we did which was great! I was pushed out of my comfort zone which was great as I tried things I would never normally do, and as a result learnt lots!

If just like to say a huge thank you and I hope to get to work with Stephen again!

Best, Jaime Big smile


Michael. said…

I had a great time with Stephen on a 1 to1 workshop in Kensington.

Stephen is an incredibily knowledgable photographer and teacher and I think anyone would gain from one of his workshops. He encourages you to think outside the box and try new techniques.

Many thanks!


Raff said…

Stephen hosted a one-to-one workshop with Zara Watson and me, at his studio in London.

I was really happy that I made the decision to get some valuable tuition and tips on how to view/approach my work. Stephen was on hand to show me an alternative, and hopefully I can use the lessons learnt to good effect, in my work.

Thanks a lot, Stephen, for a great morning of friendly, and extremely helpful, tuition


Zara Watson said…

Obviously I have worked with Stephen many times, on shoots, video and workshops! and every time is AWESOME! Thumbs down!

Recently I did 3 days of 1-1 training with Stephen teaching other photographers…..and my god I was impressed! What this man doesn’t know about photography & lighting and shooting (anything at all not just models!) really isn’t worth knowing! He is so inspirational, passionate and full of an infectious energy….it was great to see the photographers (students) looking genuinely enlightened and enthusiastic and at the end extremely happy campers! It was such a pleasure to be a part of! Stephen has a brilliant way with people, he is so relaxed and friendly, like your best mate within 30 seconds and absolutely genuine, just one of those cool chilled out guys that gets on with everyone! I want to write a reference to say what a great teacher Stephen is really…..as I obviously think he’s brilliant at shooting myself or I wouldn’t have worked with him a million times! Sticking out tongue Big smile

To my mind, Stephen seems to be one of those people who you should train with, when you’re stuck in rut/set in your ways, not quite sure where you’re going, need a massive kick up the arse, some direction, a fresh quirky eye to make u think outside the box!! Also to learn how to flatter models, make them look great, so many reasons that cant be expressed with words! You really need to meet the man to find out for yourself AND he’s not paying me for saying this & im not on commission…..I can simply see a genuine passion to teach and pass on knowledge and he does it so damn well!!! Big smile

So very highly recommended! Thumbs down! Big smile


bocote photoart said…

Had 4 hours with Stephen shooting with Zara Watson. This guy is so good to work alongside. Going through the full process and ending up taking the images. Fun and easy to follow, it was easy to follow and learn.

If you get a chance to train with this guy, all i can say is do it.

Highly Recommended.


jacw said…

I met Stephen at a 1to1 in my studio in Darlington and for those who are thinking about having a session with Stephen and Zara -just do it -IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY . The session started straight away -no hanging about here -and it continued at pace for all the 4 hours -and the tuition never stopped -lighting ,angles , posing , camera settings , props from nothing ! , and it just continued throughout the session, .Working with stephen is a blast -and it was amazing to see how he approaches a particular shoot from its original concept and then how it evolves into the final pics using his creativity and continuous ideas he has during shooting. Thnx for a cracking afternoon ,it was so informative and stimulating .



JPea said…

I was shooting with Zara Watson and feeling on a bit of a downer with my photography – ridiculous under the cumstances, I know – and she suggested I have a 1 to 1 with Stephen Perry. This happened yesterday and it was a fabulous day.

Stephen knew just what I needed and his ideas and methods have opened and cleared my mind. I am totally enthused and I hope, thinking in a new way about what I do. I doubt I will ever be that creative or competent, but I have been given the tools to reach whatever is my potential.

I cannot recommend Stephen enough to all photographers who take their Art? Craft seriously.

Thank you Stephen. ( The Tardis where he lives and works is a fantastic experience in itself)

It was also no handicap having Zara model for the day


Gemma Lou said…

I was lucky enough to tf* with Steve a few years ago… Lovely guy (and his good lady), plus pics my agents were delighted with… I would totally work with him again and recommend him Smile


Mel Pettit said…

I had the pleasure of working with Stephen today on a workshop at Love Photo Studio in Newmarket. It wouldn’t be overstatement to say that it was a very enjoyable, informative and thought provoking time. It was the best seven hours I’ve spent in a studio for a good while.

I enjoyed Stephen’s style. He got his knowledge across in a very relaxed and easy going way, with some practical examples, but then gave the group time to shoot and tweak each set, finishing up with a shoot of our own to put into practice all of the principles that he demonstrated. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and I have no hesitation in highly recommending Stephen to any photographer wishing to increase or expand their knowledge.


Symagery said…

I have been looking forwards to this workshop at Lovephoto since I first found out about it. And I wasn’t disappointed. Everything Mel says below, brilliant, fun, enjoyable, enlightening, must try more of it. Let my crazy ideas flow. Absolute pleasure working with you, pure brilliance. Thank you. SImon


Tim Steele Photography said…

I was lucky enough to attend a tutorial with Stephen yesterday. He is one of the nicest most modest people you could ever meet; encouraging, positive and very helpful. Unlike some tutors he shares his knowledge continually without any fuss or any hint of ego! Stephen gave a very valuable insight into how he ‘gets the shot’ and I left thinking about my work in a new way. I have now booked a one to one tutorial with Stephen for next weekend which I guess says it all. If you get a chance for some time with Stephen…grab it with both hands! Thanks so much, Tim


AntPics said…

Spent an amazing few hours with Stephen on a 1-2-1 session. He listened, considered, and helped me turn ideas into reality. With the help of the incredible Zara Watson.

If you want to explore your own ideas and take a step towards developing your own style, time spent with Stephen is well worth it. And if you can get to his current London location before the developers move in, do!


Michael White said…

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Stephen at PORTFOLIO LOCATIONS – ALGARVE last month. Stephen came over with model ZARA WATSON to look for new locations for their PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS.

Stephen is a great guy to be around and totally inspirational. His passion for photography is obvious and his skill and creativity found time and space here in the Algarve.

I learned so much from Stephen – and indeed from Zara. Whatever your skills as a photographer, I would wholeheartedly recommend spending time with Stephen. He’s not only a great photographer, he is a patient and eloquent teacher!

.and models….if you get the chance to shoot with Stephen…don’t hesitate!


ampy said…

Had a great day yesterday with a one to one tutorial with Stephen and the wonderful Zara Watson.

Time very well spent. Stephen has a wealth of experience and can give you tips and advice you would never get from any book or magazine. Great to stand by another photographer and both look at the same thing and realise how he can see things and potentials that you would never have seen before.

Thank you both for yesterday. And for any photographers wondering whether to book time with Stephen – My advice would be ‘Yes’ – Money well spent.


DrewMacG said…

I had the most informative, creative and enjoyable day with the exceptionally talented and friendly Stephen Perry and the beautiful and equally talented Zara Watson on a 1-1 tuition workshop in Kensington.

Stephen welcomed me and gave me a tour of the maze-like studio spaces before introducing me to Zara and discussing what I wanted to achieve from the days tuition. We had already exchanged emails and calls, so I felt totally relaxed in their company and enjoyed developing concepts, discussing creative processes and listening to a myriad of technical advice that help to make a truly great photograph.

Throughout the day, I was given encouragement and advice that not only built up my confidence during the shoot but will hopefully stay with me forevermore. If you have been considering attending a skills workshop then I would highly recommend that you attend one of Stephen’s. The wealth of knowledge he imparts is invaluable.

Sometimes meeting one’s “heroes” can be daunting or a disappointment but Stephen is the exception. He is a natural teacher, an inspirational photographer and a true gentleman. I look forward to our next meeting.


Simon Hogben said…

I had a half day one to one coaching session with Stephen accompanied by the beautiful model Zara Watson. Stephen’s experience and credibility as a professional photographer were a real draw for me when booking this session. Stephen was very friendly and personable. We spent time before the shoot talking about my interests and experience as a photographer which Stephen then used to personalise the session. Seeing Stephen in action and working alongside him with Zara gave me some insights and valuable learning which I think will take my own photography to a new level. Thanks again Stephen for a great session. I can’t recommend Stephen highly enough if you are looking for photography coaching with a true professional.