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If you made yourself from a recipe, what would your ingredients include? A pinch of flamboyance, a teaspoon of obsessive, a pint of passion, a mixed bowl of no idea who I am?




If you cracked open the shell that you or others have placed around you, what’s really inside?




There is only one thing that we can be sure of (well 2 actually but we won’t talk about the other one); we are all unique. We may not all think we look it but that is only our perception of ourselves. We are obviously unique on every level, inside and out. But if you have a good perception of the you on the outside, it goes some way towards making the you on the inside feel better. If you gain confidence from how you look in a picture, that's something to smile about. It’s a great thing to look at yourself and say ‘I feel happy with the me in that picture’.




I call this the subtle art of Photo-Therapy. I’m not a psychotherapist or, thank the Lord, a psycho, but I do like to find the person inside who would like to step out into the light. If you are one who looks in the mirror and at every picture of yourself and you smile with joy, click your fingers and point to the mirror and wink, you definitely need a professional headshot of yourself because you are probably an actor playing a part in a movie.  But for the majority of us mortals, that person inside might be a more passionate, colourful or playful version of the you that most people see; or even a calm sophisticated version of the wonderfully hyperactive and ‘all over the place’ you.




I think I look very normal on the outside. I look in the mirror and hope the lighting can flatter that man looking back at me. If it doesn't, I don't look for long. Here’s a top tip: Never look at yourself in the mirror in a lift. The downlights will create blackened eye sockets that didn't exist and make you look like a gangster who’s aged 30 years, even if you are the spitting image of Tweety Pie (Google that one if you care). There is also no room to recoil and if there’s a stranger in the lift, you can’t burst into tears (not looking like a gangster anyway).




I am fascinated by first impressions and what makes people think the way they inevitably do when they meet others or see their photograph. I’m fascinated by how wrong I can sometimes be by my own first impressions. These errors of judgement usually come from looking at a photograph of someone. When you meet people you can see a part of their personality for yourself so pictures can sometimes completely misrepresent the real them. Maybe they were feeling a bit off on that day. Maybe when someone pointed a camera at them, they tried to not recoil and are forcing a smile. Maybe the person who took their picture didn’t say a word and they sat there thinking ‘god what the hell do I do with my hands?’


#dontjudgemebymypicture  #unless  #itsapictureimproudof


If you would like to enjoy being photographed by a gentle man (that’s me selling myself) who has 30 years of experience photographing people from all walks of life then you just need to bring yourself and the part of you who might lie within and anyone else who you might like to share the experience. I’ll make it easy for them to come out into the light.


#helpisnear  #dependswhereyoulive  #itravel


Send me a message, we’ll have a chat and if you would like to see yourself or yourselves in your own unique and possible quirky way, get yourself upcycled here now.


#heygoodlooking  #lookintothelight


If you are reading this, have actually got this far and you are not an individual who wants to have nice pictures of yourself but are, in fact, a person who wants to get some personality into their business, company, corporation, marketing strategy or world order then I would like to thank you for your time. I also have time for you (as long as your world order makes people happy).





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