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How to Use Lighting to Create the Right Atmosphere

By stephen perry | April 13, 2021

In all photography, lighting is the most important aspect to create an appropriate atmosphere for a space. When capturing an interior, there are many sources of light that can influence the ambience. A window can provide the perfect light needed to convey a space’s atmosphere, or it can cause problems. Problems such as, the sun…

How to choose an Interior Photographer

By stephen perry | February 9, 2021

Interior photography, like all photography is a craft. I hope to provide an insight for people who are looking for a photographer to capture their building or space. I will give you an understanding of: The equipment that an interior photographer should use. What an interior photographer must consider when shooting a space. How you…

The North-East Independent Directory

By stephen perry | November 9, 2020

I have recently moved up to the North East with my fiancé (who’s a County Durham native) and I am slowly getting to know the area and the wonderful people and businesses that are now local to me. In this blog post I’d like to celebrate the independent businesses and create a directory of small…