About Stephen Perry…

* I assisted various photographers for 5 years, 3 of which were with the late, great Terence Donovan (www.terencedonovan.co.uk).

* From there I have worked in many different fields from celebrity portraits, lingerie (yes I was one of the ‘Loaded’ photographers – at it’s beginning), Cars (Car Magazine, Top Gear), Interiors (property was my first interest after leaving college) and finally reportage (in my opinion the fundamental basic discipline which creates the ‘eye’ of any photographer).


Personal passions. My first love is photography itself. To compare a photographer with a chef .. A chef is passionate about cooking, the art of presentation and the reaction of the client who eats their food. They don’t just love to make Beef Bourbuignon…obviously. They might have a signature dish or specialize in pastry but the passion runs through to create anything tasty. My natural instinct is the photography of people, yet I love the art of interior design and the creativity behind it. I love the art of the automobile and what makes a car interesting to look at and the work that goes into creating a car (forget the adrenaline and the fun of driving for now). We all know the feeling we have when we see a car we adore (classic or brand spanking new). I love sport and the people who’s passion make them stand out to win. I love animals – especially horses, even though I can’t ride for toffee but I love the way the horse has helped mankind be what it is, and the bond we have with them. There are many other things I love (the natural landscape for example) but the overriding passion is to capture all of it the best way I possibly can.

* What is passion without humour? I guess it’s obsession…which can be a bit scary to some. I like to see the world in a positive way and laughing is a positive thing. I like to bring that side of me out when it’s appropriate.

I could go on and on! I hope that defines me more than just an eclectic mixture of pictures. These are mostly taken for specific clients and I will always listen to a clients needs before adding my passion to the mix.