Covid 19 Statement

Last Updated: 17/11/20


In line with current guidelines, the following precautions have been introduced to reduce the risk of transmission by abiding by the following preventative measures:



  • Please get in contact if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or feel unwell, this will allow us to reschedule your photoshoot.
  • Both client and photographer must be without symptoms for 14 days prior to any session.
  • I (Stephen Perry) will monitor my own health to ensure that I am not exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus.


Hand Washing

  • I will wash and thoroughly dry hands on arrival and during the day at regular intervals. I will use Alcohol-based (60% minimum) sanitisers as well throughout the day.


Social Distancing:

  • I will strive to keep a 2-meter distance where possible and a 1-meter distance when space is limited but a mask will be worn.
  • I will not come into contact with your or approach you for posing.



  • As many creative decisions as possible will be made no later than the pre-production meeting (PPM). This will reduce last-minute changes on shoot days to plan for all health requirements and sanitary accommodations.
  • Where possible all pre-production processes will be managed remotely from home. This includes treatments, budgeting, production meetings, meetings with the agency, and PPMs.